Board Of Education


Call the Pender County Board Of Education's Central Office to leave a message for Board Members,  (910) 259-2187.  

 Karen Rouse
Karen Rouse - Chairperson
District 3 - Term:  2012-2016

Telephone Extension 710850
Brad George
Brad George - Vice-Chairperson

District 5 - Term: 2012-2016

Telephone Extension 710852

Katherine Herring
Katherine Herring - Board Member
District 4 - Term: 2014-2018

Telephone Extension 710853 
Kenneth Lanier, Jr
Kenneth I. Lanier, Jr. -Board Member
District 2:  Term 2014-2018

Telephone Extension 710851 
 Tom Roper

Tom Roper - Board Member
District 1 - Term: 2014-2018

Telephone Extension 710854


PCS Mission

Pender County Schools foster an environment of high expectations, focused on success for all students and resulting in graduates prepared for the future in a rapidly changing world.

Board Mission 
To secure and organize resources for ensuring the delivery of services in a mannerthat prepares all students to compete globally.
Preparing Our Graduates for the World that Awaits Them