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National Science Teachers Association

NCDPI K-12 Curriculum Science Units

K-9 AIMS Education Foundation FREE Activities
Free Activities from this non-profit organization dedicated to helping you give students a solid conceptual understanding of math and science, built on research in best practices and brain-based learning.

NC Scienc Fair Information

K-12 NOOAA Ocean Service Education
The Ocean Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts, and Climate Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts present a vision of an ocean and climate-literate society. Many scientists and educators collaborated to produce these guides, building on efforts to define ocean and climate literacy and identify the principles and concepts of ocean and climate science that should be included in K-12 curricula.

Teacher Resources from theNorth Carolina Entomological Society 
Using insects in the classroom is a fun and easy way to get across many biology concepts. Click on the links below to access experiments and activities to use in your classroom. The target audience is introductory high school biology students, but lessons can be altered to fit other ages.

Science Daily: Source for the latest research news

Ms. DuBoses Super Science in NC

Science Buddies

On the Cutting Edge
The NAGT On the Cutting Edge project helps geoscience faculty stay up-to-date with both geoscience research and teaching methods. The workshop series and website combine to provide professional development opportunities, resources, and opportunities for faculty to interact on-line and in person with colleagues around the world who are focused on improving their teaching. An integral aspect of the project is development of an expanding community of geoscience educators with a strong and diverse leadership.

The Science Spot

Middle School Science

The Habitable Planet
The Habitable Planet is a multimedia course for high school teachers and adult learners interested in studying environmental science. The Web site provides access to course content and activities developed by leading scientists and researchers in the field.

provides educators and students with strategies, content, and activities that can enhance and improve students' skills in a variety of curricular areas. http://www.learner.org/interactives/

HowStuffWorks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Discovery Communications, is the award-winning source of credible, unbiased, and easy-to-understand explanations of how the world actually works. Founded by North Carolina State University Professor Marshall Brain in 1998, the site is now an online resource for millions of people of all ages.