Inclement Weather Notice


The safety and welfare of all children is our first concern when deciding if schools must be closed or operated on a delayed schedule because of weather conditions.  A decision to either close or open school on a delayed schedule will be announced on the evening news whenever possible, as well as on the morning news of local television and radio stations. Additionally, school officials will use the automated telephone message system, to announce closings or delays.

Please do not call the Pender County Schools' Central Office, your child's school, the bus garage, or radio or TV stations. The absence of any announcement means that school will operate on a regular schedule.       

Weather conditions may worsen during the day after children have arrived at school.  If early dismissal is necessary, parents will be notified using the automated telephone message system.  Additionally, radio and television stations will make the announcement. 

If school is dismissed early due to inclement weather, the After School Care Program will NOT operate. Parents are urged to pre-plan for bad weather by establishing with your child what he/she should do in case school is dismissed early.