Common Core/Essential Standards

Pender County Schools is changing the curriculum this year (2012-13) due to North Carolina adopting the new Common Core State Standards and the N.C. Essential Standards. These standards will provide parents with an understanding of what their child is expected to learn and know in each grade or subject area.

Subjects Covered:
Common Core: English (Language Arts), Math
NC Essential Standards: Arts, Career and Technical Education, Health, Information Technology, Languages, Science, and Social Studies.

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(PTA) Parent Guides Grade by Grade - 4 page color
Kindergarten English Spanish
Grade 1 English Spanish
Grade 2 English Spanish
Grade 3 English Spanish
Grade 4 English Spanish
Grade 5 English Spanish
Grade 6 English Spanish
Grade 7 English Spanish
Grade 8 English Spanish
HS English English Spanish
HS Math English Spanish
Parents Guide to Student Success 
Common Core 
Parents’ Guide to Student Success
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What to expect:

Reading assignments will become more challenging with less fiction and more information (more articles and fewer stories).

These new standards will focus on both content (what your child needs to know) and practice (how your child solves problems using the content learned). All students must be able to explain the process they used to solve problems.

Testing will be changing to provide more immediate feedback on how your child is progressing. This will allow teachers to modify their instruction to assist your child’s development.

Talk to your child’s teacher. At home begin asking your child questions using ‘how’ and ‘why’.

  • How did you solve that problem?
  • Why did you do it that way?
Your child’s teacher is your best resource. Talk to them. Ask them questions!

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What does the National PTA say about the Common Core?

What do our teachers use to implement the Common Core?

Pender County Schools Parent Presentation on the transition to the Common Core and Essential Standards 2012-2013
Parent Presentation Transitioning to the Common Core.pdf