Occupational Course of Study
The Occupational Course of Study (OCS) is one of two pathways that a student with disabilities  may complete to graduate with a high school diploma in North Carolina.  For some students with cognitive disabilities the Occupational  Course of Study is an option.  These students should have OCS identified in their Individualized Education Program.

The Occupational Course of Study is intended to meet the needs of a small group of students with cognitive disabilities who require a greatly modified curriculum that focuses on post-school employment and independent living

Students pursuing the Occupation Course of Study must complete required coursework in English (4 credits), Math (3 credits), Science (2 credits), Social Studies (2 credits), Occupational Preparation (6 credits), as well as Health/Physical Education (1 credit), Career/Technical (4 credits) and Electives (6 credits).  Students are also required to complete 300 hours of school based training, 240 hours of community based training and 360 hours of competitive employment.

Each student must complete a career portfolio documenting completion of OCS requirements.  The career portfolio is the senior graduation project for this group of students.