Beginning Teachers

Beginning Teacher Support in Pender County Schools

Beginning (novice) teachers are required to participate in a three-year induction program. During the induction period beginning teachers are to have a formal orientation, mentor support, and both formative and summative evaluations. Beginning Teachers (also known as BT's) are required to participate in the program for three years. Six consecutive months of satisfactory performance in the same LEA will be deemed to have met the requirement for one year. Beginning Teachers receive Standard Professional I (SPI initial license) in North Carolina. BTs in Pender County must keep the following documentation during their three years:

CEU Documentation


Mentor Contact log

McRel Online Evaluation Forms

Successful completion of all licensure requirments and a recommendation by the employing LEA will result in the participant becoming eligible for Standard Professional II license (SPII). 

Beginning Teacher Support LiveBinder

An online binder of resources is available to our beginning teachers by  visiting http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=982812 or by clicking on the Icon below. This resource requires an access code; any BT who does not have the access code can obtain it from his/her principal.

Beginning Teacher  PDP's

At the beginning of each year, a BT completes a PDP(professional development plan).  This plan is based on the teacher's self-assessment that is to be completed at the very beginning of the school year.

                   BT Evaluation Process

BTs(Beginning Teachers) are observed/ 4 times per year; 3 times by administrations and 1 time by a peer.  A summary rating form is also completed at the end of the year.  All new hires who have never had the new evaluation training receive it during the BT Induction which is held at the beginning of each school year before children enter the classroom.