Graduation Project

With Graduation Project, we

• develop students who will be independent and lifelong learners.

• create an environment that fosters
cross-curricular mentorship and resources.

• invite community involvement with the school
in the form of mentorship, resources, and student recognition.

• provide a venue for students to connect learning, life, and work.

Why Graduation Project?

  • ­Students choose their own topics based upon their interests and future goals.
  • ­Students integrate learning from various high school disciplines.
  • ­Students apply learning to real-world context.
  • ­Students to stretch beyond current accomplishments.
  • ­Students experience service learning.
  • ­Students gain skills in organization, time management, self-advocacy, and self-reflection.

                                              Enligh Graduation project  

Click on the links below for more information
about the requirements of this project in Pender County:

PCS Graduation Project.ppt
Pender County Graduation Project Guidelines.pdf

Click on this link to see a product example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0POwxLOmx8

Pender County uses the state-endorsed rubrics for Graduation Project:
Portfolio Rubric.pdf
Presentation Rubric.pdf
Project Rubric.pdf
Research Paper Rubric.pdf