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The purpose of this site is to enhance the support services we provide to our Schools. 

Instructional Technology & S.T.E.M. Director
Alissa Lee
STEM Director
910-259-2187 Ext: 710217
email: alisa_lee@pender.k12.nc.us

Meet our 
Technology Support Services Staff

    Chuck Allen                               Jeanette Miller   
Director of Technology Services           Technology Coordinator Level II
910-259-2187 Ext: 710131                          910-259-2187 Ext: 710137
email: charles_allen@pender.k12.nc.us       email: jeanette_miller@pender.k12.nc.us

Tara Ouellette                               Edward Banks 
Communications Technician Level I          Technology Technician Level I
910-259-2187 Ext: 710133                            910-259-2187 Ext: 710135
email: tara_ouellette@pender.k12.nc.us       email: edwarde_banks@pender.k12.nc.us

Loren Macon                         Eric Brooks 
Technology Technician Level         CTE Technician Level I
     910-259-2187 Ext: 710135                 910-259-2187 Ext: 710135
email: loren_macon@pender.k12.nc.us       email:eric_brooks@pender.k12.nc.us