Policies & Forms
All employees are given access to the the Internet and Network for the first 5 days of school or the start of the new fiscal year (July 1).  Before that time ends, all employees must read or watch the summary presentation (or read the policies), and sign the TRU/AUP(Technology Responsible Use/Acceptable Use Policies) signature Form and have it reported to the Central Office by the principal or designee. At the end of the 5 day time limit, all employees not signing the TRU/AUP (or having it reported to the Central Office before the deadline) will have their access terminated.

By clicking on the link, employees may watch/access:

1) Presentations are here.  (Google Sign-In Required) 

2) Read the policies on the Pender County Schools BOE website.
Technology related policies: 1610, 3102, 3120, 3200, 3210, 3220, 3225, 3226, 3227, 3410, 6401, 6524, 7335, 7730, 8220
Bullying related policies: 1710, 1720
Copyright related policy: 3230

Staff may also access the
3) CyberBullying Policies and Procedures

4) CyberBullying Instructional Resources for assistance and materials, including classroom resources Pre-K through 12.

5) WebSite/Webtool Approval Form - All staff using websites for communication purposes other than the school provided website/tools are required to get approval for the website prior to the establishment of the website. At no time can the website state it is the official Pender County Schools website.

6) The Governor's Office and the NC Department of Cultural Resources have published a "Best Practices for Social Media Usage in North Carolina".

7) Forms: Staff and student TRU/AUP Forms (printed by the school NCWISE Data Manager) and other forms and information are also available for download.

8) Student Email Request Form - You must be logged into your school email account to access this form.

9) Staff Social Media Presentation: Based on the policy adopted by the BOE February 13, 2012.
a) Policy 7335

10) ****** Personal Laptop Wireless Access Form *******

Staff may request access to the wireless network for their personal laptops. Please fill out the linked form on the left and submit it. It may take up to 72 hours to gain access. Access is limited to 1 personal device per staff member. We will not allow personal phones to be the selected device at this time.

NOTE: Guests will need to be sponsored by an employee to gain access as you must have a PCS email account to request this access.

****** Personal Laptop Wireless Access Form *******


Remember you have the right to read the BOE policies before signing the TRU/AUP, but the five day rule still applies.

You may watch the following web presentation to view the Staff TRU/AUP Presentation instead of downloading it to watch in PowerPoint.