Technology Responsible Use Policy Presentation

Policies: Staff signatures required for Bullying, TRP, Social Media and Copyright policies. All schools must save the original signature pages in one location, provide access to them within 30 minutes of any request, and forward a copy to the HR dept.

Technology Responsible Use Policy

a. Applicable Technology Policies
 3220   Technology In the Educational Program 
 3225-4312-7320   Technology Responsible Use
 3226-4205   Internet Safety
 3227-7322   Web Page Development
 3230-7330   Copyright Compliance
 4318   Use of Wireless Communication Devices
 5071-7351   Electronically Stored Information Retention
 6524   Network Security

b. Presentation for Staff - All staff members must watch this presentation and/or read all applicable technology policies and then sign the Signature within 10 days after first of school year.

c. Presentation for Students - Teachers must instruct all students within 10 days from the opening of school and obtain signatures from all students. Once an entire class has been instructed on the issues and policy and signatures obtained, the original signature page must be saved at the school in one location and be available for inspection. All teachers are responsible for their students having signed the TRP form if they are provided access to the Internet as determined by the school.

d. CyberBullying Resources: Available on the District Website. All students must be informed about online safety including cyberbullying and how to handle it if it occurs.

e. Social Media Presentation: All staff need to view this presentation as part of the annual Technology Responsible Use/Acceptable Use Policies.