Student Technology Policies

All students will use the Internet during their education in Pender County Schools. Due to the need for access to the network and Internet, all students are given access to the Internet for the first 15 days of school, but must be informed about the Technology Policies adopted by the Board of Education. All students must sign a TRP (Technology Responsible Use Policy) signature form before the 15 days has passed. If a signature has not been reported to the Central Office before the end of the 15th day, then the students Internet Access will be terminated.

Parents may request a students access to the Internet or Network be denied by filling out a form in the students school office and turning it into the principal. The school system will do everything, within reason, to enforce the parents request.

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1) Presentation for StudentsAll students must view this presentation within 15 days from the opening of school or enrollment within a school and sign the appropriate form

2) BOE CyberBullying Policies and Procedures,

3) Technology Responsible Use Policy
a. Technology Policies

 3220   Technology In the Educational Program 
 3225-4312-7320   Technology Responsible Use
 3226-4205   Internet Safety
 3227-7322   Web Page Development
 4318   Use of Wireless Communication Devices
 5071-7351   Electronically Stored Information Retention
 6524   Network Security

4) CyberBullying Resources: Available on the District Website